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Fight the monsters you encounter and then fight the boss at the end. Reap your rewards and bask in immense glory... or something like that. The sounds and ambiance give this little dungeon game a very familiar experience. You know the basics. It is a quest in which heroes are made and legendary tales are born, but you never know just what kind of impact this lifestyle will have on the future while you are living it. Live big and you will be remembered forever.

Arkandian CrusadeArkandian CrusadeArkandian Crusade
Crystal Story 2Crystal Story 2Crystal Story 2
Arkandian ExplorerArkandian ExplorerArkandian Explorer
Monsters Den: The Book Of DreadMonsters Den: The Book Of DreadMonsters Den: The Book Of Dread
Legend of the VoidLegend of the VoidLegend of the Void
Mardek 3Mardek 3Mardek 3
The Bravest HunterThe Bravest HunterThe Bravest Hunter
My Pet ProtectorMy Pet ProtectorMy Pet Protector