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Play Driving Games Online

Play Driving Games Online

Driving enthusiasts all share one dream, to put the pedal to the floor; but reality is full of consequences and the dream too often dies a lonely death unfulfilled. When you play driving games online you will find that they exist to satisfy that innate craving for 'the need for speed.' Forget the seatbelt, forget the traffic laws and forget that insufferable tyrant 'gravity.' Hundreds of games wait with every two, three, four and more wheeled vehicle that has ever set tire to asphalt (or dirt, or the inside of a shopping mall, what does it matter?).

Whatever your motor vehicle preference it can be found in the pages that follow. Racing games will be the prime cut for most driving game fans as they will inevitably throw away the speed limit and let the player loose to see how fast they can hurl a ton of metal down a track. Test your skills as a driver at unheard of speeds and beat the best drivers the online world has to offer. But if pure adrenaline fueled no-holds-barred speed is not enough to stimulate your driving ambitions there is every niche available under the sun to quench your actionista lust. Truck games put a little more heft behind your vehicle and a few more hundred horse power in the engine. These range from the simple "Big Rig: Driving School" where the player learns the ropes in a realistic trucking simulator to the insanely destructive "Mad Trucker" series that throws out the real world and sets the player on a path of devastation with 18 wheels, a machine gun and a few rockets to decimate everything in your path.

If you're tired of sticking on a set paved path go off-road with dirt bike games. Race against others in "Motocross Outlaw" or a dozen other driving games online that let the player compete in timed trials or trick kicking competitions. Catch some air and stick a few landings (much more difficult with a dirt bike beneath you so take that gymnastics enthusiasts). ATV games and other four wheeler games also put you in the mud and dirt to blaze a trail cross country and show off the most dangerous stunts you can devise (without the real life consequences of broken bones and decapitation).

But plain excitement isn't the only way to drive. To truly test your skills behind the wheel check out one of the challenging parking games. This small and too often ignored sub-genre sounds simple but these are some of the toughest, trickiest and most complex games to ever involve an automobile. Solve driving puzzles and make the minutest of maneuvers to see how you stack up in the world of skill driving.

Tuck into the thrill of virtual driving and racing games. See how you match up against other players and win the recognition (and a little piece of immortality) by setting the high score in one of these exciting online driving games. Rev the engine, ignore that useless brake petal and scratch a few skid marks with one of these fun games.