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8Y Games provide you with gaming enjoyment and some educational and informative knowledge. 8Y Games are a type of puzzling but awesome action games. These games are regarded the most popular genre in the indie game scene. 8Y Games are also known as arcade games, online games, free games and people in all corners of the world, enjoy these games with full enthusiasm and fun.

These games do not need a massive amount of power from your computer and due to the crucial situations in each stage in which the player has to use his intelligence to pass though each stage or step you are bound to have a blast figuring them all out. Most of these games have different styles ranging from serious to cute and historic setting to science fiction. 8Y Games get great popularity in all ages and are still liked by adults and children alike. In the playing mode of a shooter type game, the player is required to choose any weapon given in the armory list to kill the bad guys.

If it is strategy games that get you then in these games the player will push themselves right into the world of adventure where they need to use their intelligence to defeat the forces as a commander or an empress. If you really want to enjoy the endless bliss of the video games, do not miss a chance on playing these wonderful 8Y Games. We are sure you will like to play many times over and again and again.