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FRIVYou do not have time to be looking all over the internet to find the best games so you just goto FRIV Games. While FRIV is highly popular and great and all.. you will not always find the best and newest flash games that the internet has to offer from all of the flash developers and studios. There is always a mix of popular sponsors that push out some awesome titles with recurring sequels like those made by the developer Nerdook. This guy is constantly pushing out new titles that become popular just like Louissi and Con Artist. Then you have good old bubblebox and bored. These guys all have their own little section of the gaming world and everyone thinks that you can just find it on FRIV. Well that is not the case seeing as they can only license a small arrangment of games. You definitely need to take the time to check out other places and see the gems that are waiting on the outside of ben 1o games and I promise you will find something that you like.