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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter Games

If you are looking for a game that takes very little effort to pass away some time, bubble shooter games are just what you are looking for. These games are a simple matter of point and fire and the only task you have to concern yourself with is matching colors, which is easy enough while still being fun and exciting. The basic original style was a simple matter of shooting colored bubbles at a wall of them. You try to make a match of three or more so that they disappear. Gradually, if you do not keep up with eliminating the bubbles fast enough, they build up both from any misfires you make and a steady natural buildup allowed by the game. Your goal is to eliminate the bubbles fast enough that they do not reach the place that you launch them from. When they finally do, the game is over.

There are also more complex versions of the game that require a bit more skill and planning. One of those versions, rather than a wall of bubbles, you fire at a ball of them. The build up in a similar manner as they do in the original style game but there is much more physic involved. To get the bubbles where you want them to go you can use one of two options. First you can utilize the spin of the ball. As you shoot bubbles at it it will spin in the direction the bubble you shot was moving. Careful planning can have right sections facing in the direction that you want them to. Another option is to ricochet the bubbles you are shooting off of the walls to put them where you want them. This style requires a lot more skill and focus than the original version.

Another alteration of the game is also in the form of a circle but instead of a revolving ball of bubbles your cannon is set in the center of a ring which fills around you with the bubbles. You revolve your gun around to shoot and make matches. The goal is to keep any of the bubbles from reaching your location in the center.

The style of game you choose depends on the amount of effort you want to put into the game play. The original bubble shooter game is the easiest, but if you are looking for a challenge you should try one of the others.     Wikipedia