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War Games Online

War Games Online - Control the chaos with your brutal tactics!

Bombs, bullets, espionage, tanks, tactics, conquer, siege: war, it's a cavalcade of nouns and verbs that should get your blood pumping. Prepare to enter the digital warzone. War Games Online exist to test your battlefield savvy and place you in the hot seat. What is your preference: are you a general, a fighter pilot, a battle weary sergeant or a simple grunt out for blood? Whatever you see yourself as War Games Online will serve to satisfy your yearning for that primordial human ambition to conquer or overcome an enemy - which there will never be a lack of thanks to the inexhaustible list of flash games available.

War Games online can be divided into two basic categories: shooters and strategy. Whichever you prefer will say more about your personality than any other game genre. Are you the type to get your hands dirty and want to get up close and personal to what would otherwise be a faceless nemesis? You're a shooter (give Commando III a shot, sorry about the pun). If you prefer to be the brains behind the scenes manipulating vast forces and planning epic battles then you are a strategist (Warfare 1944, Spitfire 1940 and a buried little gem entitled Desert Moon should put you in a mood of tactical bliss).

This is an umbrella category that encompasses the best flash games have to offer in shooting games, tower defense, puzzles and strategy; war contains a little of everything like some great and terrible curiosity shop. Here is the only way to live your dreams of glory and power without having to spend years sleeping in a barracks with a lot of other sweaty men. Join the battle from the comfort and safety of your chair and facedown an endless number of foes from the Nazis to flesh hungry alien hordes. Saddle up, lock and load.     Wikipedia