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When it comes to defending your country it takes a special kind of person to stand up and volunteer. A visionary who can see the bigger picture and and can take pride in the country they are willing to defend. Someone brave and strong and committed. Are you that person? You must fly and follow the orders that are given to you. When you are told to stand down, stand down. Take out the enemies that you need to and know that you are doing a great service. Watch your back at all times because sometimes you will be alone up there.

GI JaneGI JaneGI Jane
Soldier GameSoldier GameSoldier Game
Fully ArmoredFully ArmoredFully Armored
Air CombatAir CombatAir Combat
Space Cadet ShooterSpace Cadet ShooterSpace Cadet Shooter
Under ArmsUnder ArmsUnder Arms
Last BattleLast BattleLast Battle
Endless War DefenseEndless War DefenseEndless War Defense