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It is time to start the siege, and that Brave King will not be brave for long because once the arrows start flying and hitting the wood that surrounds him, he will start quivering like a little boy on a dentist chair. This launching game will have you using your ballista to shoot arrows into the kings that standing somewhere in the middle of the field, surrounded by relatively weak materials that your arrows can easily pierce into. Shoot the king directly and watch him fall down like a ragdoll after an accurate volley that only you can pull off. You have a limited number of shots so use them wisely.

Harvest RanchHarvest RanchHarvest Ranch
Bazooki A Silent AffairBazooki A Silent AffairBazooki A Silent Affair
Max Damage 2Max Damage 2Max Damage 2
Max Damage 3Max Damage 3Max Damage 3
Devil's Leap 2Devil's Leap 2Devil's Leap 2
Parking HooliganParking HooliganParking Hooligan
Parking Hooligan 2Parking Hooligan 2Parking Hooligan 2