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Mojo Jojo has stolen all of the puppies in town and turned them into robots. The girls must save the town from this evil villain once again. Defeat all of the enemies that you face. You must destroy the puppy robots to release the puppies inside of them and set them free. You have a lot of power ups and special powers available to you so use them whenever you can. While you can switch between all three of the girls they all still share the same amount of health. Collect any candies of hearts that appear during game play because they can make you invisible and restore your health.

Atomic BettyAtomic BettyAtomic Betty
Winx Bloomix BattleWinx Bloomix BattleWinx Bloomix Battle
Cute School GirlCute School GirlCute School Girl
Dress up YukiDress up YukiDress up Yuki
Fashion DreamFashion DreamFashion Dream
Flower FairyFlower FairyFlower Fairy
Go skiingGo skiingGo skiing
Happy GardenHappy GardenHappy Garden