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Vampire Games

Since before history was recorded right up to the modern day there has been an endless string of monsters lurking in the darkest corners of the human imagination but none have captured the swelling valves of the beating human heart quite like the blood sucking Nosferatu, or Vampire, if you're going to be picky. Vampire games incorporate a few of the manifestations of this darkness dwelling beast from the creepy and monstrous killer (for you guys out there) to the romantic and passionately torn hemophiliac (a little something for the ladies).

Too often the online flash game world is a male dominated action fest, but this category, like vampires themselves, never neglects the second sex. Some of your favorite characters from the Twilight saga are here in various dress up games for you to get a little more hands on with your favorite soul stealing hero's and heroin's fashion.

Today the vampire often takes the role of the protagonist in some adventure but these Vampire Games have not forgotten the true origins of this creature. In the not too distant past most vampires were villains to be feared, hunted and destroyed. Take the role of a modern day Van Helsing and stake a few claims right through the undead heart of these murderous monstrosities. With non-stop action and enough vampires to fill an old world catacombs these games will keep your hunting tactics sharp. Of course, no category of games with vampires would be complete without the classic platform game Castlevania. Simon Belmont is the ultimate whip cracking hunter of dark creatures on an epic quest to confront the Count himself. If you feel an unusual attraction to the immortal damned, or are just looking for a few good action games, this category will not disappoint. Whichever side you take there will inevitably be blood.     Wikipedia