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People say that this house has vampires that occupy it in the wee hours of the evening. People who have stayed in the house have been known to hear unusual noises at night and wake up to items in the room being displaced. Look around and see what you think. Maybe the overall atmosphere has something to do with the kind of experience the visitors have in this place. Play this game to find out.

The Cursed VillageThe Cursed VillageThe Cursed Village
My Neighbour VampireMy Neighbour VampireMy Neighbour Vampire
Kiss of Eternal LifeKiss of Eternal LifeKiss of Eternal Life
Vampires Sweet DreamVampires Sweet DreamVampires Sweet Dream
The Vampire MemoriesThe Vampire MemoriesThe Vampire Memories
Vampire HunterVampire HunterVampire Hunter
Forbidden TerritoryForbidden TerritoryForbidden Territory
My Vampire SweetheartMy Vampire SweetheartMy Vampire Sweetheart