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Some of the most interesting places in the world have the scariest legends. These legends are part of what makes these places so alluring and makes their cultures so rich and interesting. In this town, the legend says that many years ago it was a beautiful place to live until one day a group of vampires destroyed it. The main character wants to look around for some clues as to whether or not this legend could be true. Join him on this spooky adventure and maybe together you can find an answer.

Vampire Secret RoomsVampire Secret RoomsVampire Secret Rooms
My Neighbour VampireMy Neighbour VampireMy Neighbour Vampire
Kiss of Eternal LifeKiss of Eternal LifeKiss of Eternal Life
Vampires Sweet DreamVampires Sweet DreamVampires Sweet Dream
The Vampire MemoriesThe Vampire MemoriesThe Vampire Memories
Vampire HunterVampire HunterVampire Hunter
Forbidden TerritoryForbidden TerritoryForbidden Territory
My Vampire SweetheartMy Vampire SweetheartMy Vampire Sweetheart